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Miguel Malave turned 3 today!

Miguel Malave turned 3 today!


Path With No Entrance

"The Heart of a Singer, Sings"
"The Heart of a Fighter, Fights"
"The Heart of a Bodybuilder, Builds"
"The Heart of a Writer, Writes"


No Justice

In this world, there’s no justice. None to share, none to revel in, none to spare, none to settle in. Our hearts roam the earth for light, however, at times find darkness. In this darkness, only the strong fight and aspire for light, for good, for truth! Nonetheless, in this darkness, the light may never shine, nor will it ever shimmer for some, but for the fortunate, it may provide sufficient brightness that may lead to another adventure or endless adventures. In the end, some destinies are not meant to end in happiness because the future of hope may lie with the disheartened of others.

This darkness is not for the faint of heart, this man, whom wielded a sword, had no justice in his soul. He had a only one notion, one purpose, to kill. The killing was not his goal, but only the mission. When called upon, he had but to do what was entitled of him. There was no justice in his eyes.

There came a time when he was called upon, by a selfish man, and this man requested that all men who dare blasphemed of their spouse, he shall seek them out and kill them. And for a time, this was true. When a cowardly man spoke with malice of his beloved wife, this man sought out the delicate woman and murdered her on the spot. For centuries this has happen. Until one day, one blessed day, a man who loved his wife dearly, made the most unfortunate mistake of berating his wife.

Before we speak of this tale, I would like to take an adventure of why this was taken place at all. A time, when a man loved his wife with the utmost reverence; he thought the ground he walked on, whilst with her and near her, was unworthy of him in every respect. There was no end to his passion and endearment towards her. He would have died a million times and came back just to ensure her safety and livelihood were not endanger. Ah, such unknown love expressed upon another, almost too real to be true, yet, it was.

When he came home, from a long day of tilling and scraping for his sacred treasure, his heart had fallen, he was devastated at what he saw! Oh, he was lost, distraught; for there is a time when men must understand and not understand the ways of life, the ways of choices, the ways of living in an unjust world of pain. He sat, he sat for days; pondering and ruminating what to do. There were good thoughts floating in his mind; evil thoughts as well. Nevertheless, the one and evil idea of man has took form. Taken it’s place among the living for the very first time. Surely, we all thought that we could conjure such harsh imaginations, however, never to see such dreams become reality?

Not in this world, not in this lifetime. He went to the library, search endlessly for a book and within this book, he opened it and there it was.

She was on her way home from work, it was an arduous day and all she cared for was seeing her beautiful husband. Notwithstanding the unheard words spoken about her. There had been many times when people would speak bleak of their lover, but had no intentions of pursuing such recompense. Now for her, as we speak, he was trailing her every step. She felt something, someone lingering about her. She had chills scurrying about her arms, even her legs, and she shaved last night. Her environment began to get dark, she shivered with fear and there it was! A touch, a touch of a girl friend on her right shoulder. Light came back and all was well, for now.

She embraced her friend and seized her close for comfort. The friend was confused, didn’t know they were that close of friends, nonetheless, appreciated the gesture. They spoke and walked home. In the time of their walk, there still drifted the man. The dome that awaited her. As she parted with her friend, she walked up the stairs, her husband was not far along either. She placed her keys on the table and walked to the room, and before she could breathe, there he was! She was immovable! Frightened would be an understatement of her emotions of that unrelenting moment. He walked up the stairs, and he placed his keys on the table, he heard a scream and shriek from the bedroom. He ran towards it and opened the door. His heart, mind, soul, all fell to the ground! He fell to his knees of fear and hopelessness.

But, he never forgot this mans countenance, the menacing look in his eyes; the tall and darkness that surrounded him, no, he will never forget; ever!

To be continued

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10 posts!

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Our Pledge

We pledge to each other to be loving friends and partners as long as we live.

To talk and to listen, to trust and appreciate one another; to respect and cherish each other’s uniqueness; and to support, comfort and strengthen each other through life’s joys and sorrows. We promise to share hopes, thoughts and dreams as we build our lives together.

May our lives be ever intertwined, our love keeping us together. We will build a home that is compassionate to all, full of respect and honor for others and each other. May our home be forever filled with peace, happiness and love.


Cupid & Arrows

For the weary Hearts,
The stranded Arrows,
Flew with Purpose,
With Landed Sorrows.

Tears, what was of intended Joy,
Fears, what is of Unknown Ploys,

From where they Came,
None whom Dare to Say,
Lest of Dome,
Forsake the weary Strays.

The Arrows of Demise,
Unfortunate Events,
In which the End Portends,
In Hope of Happiness shall Present!


A Journey With No End

I could only ever do my Best,
Nothing More, Nothing Less,
From where I began,
My life aims a wondrous Span.

Questions around, with endless Desire,
Answers abound, with endless Retire,
Thoughts and Notions, encompassing the Ideal,
Fraughts and Motions, the Ideal with no Appeal.

Nonetheless, we strive for Success,
In Hopes for the Best,
Never Alone will we perceive to Rest,
For the dying behold our eternal Distress.

Yet, we clamor within our Breast,
In search for the meaning that is Left,
Could it ever be Grasped within our Mind,
Or, forever Clasped by human Pine.

Relentless pursuit of Admiration,
Continual repute of Self-Revelation,
Dying need of overall Acceptance,
Behold the end of true Negligence.

For, we stand as Undeniably Alone,
A world of Chaotic Thrown’s,
Consistently seeking the Unknown,
To never ever Truly be Alone.

This is a Poem,
A Journey With No End,
For it shall ever Extend,
With unlimited Bounds as Egos Pretend.

To be continued…


The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life? There’s none.
For life extends to more than one,

Each life pertains to one,
And all remains undone,
Until the life remove forever,
One can never endeavor.

Any notion other from thy lost,
Means nothing but adrift thoughts,

For the meaning lies of thy dead,
Thy word of dead can never be said.

To dare to hear the dead,
Life must forfeit instead.

Could one ever cease to exist?
Life with endless seeking,
The mind ruminates with remiss,
The wandering life with no meaning.


Two Stones

To a special person whom meant dearest to me, still does, and forever always.

Part I
From the beginning Alone,
As Days go On,
A Wondering Stone,
Near Waveless Pond.

The Sun Rises and Sets,
It’s Gleam with Hope,
It’s Partner the Moon,
Together they Cope.

For the Stone, Alone,
No Partner insight,
But Waveless Pond,
His Hope yet searches with Might.

Glorious Day with Beauty,
Afar, another Stone Beyond,
Could it be,
An Angel from the Pond?

With Smiles it Approaches,
Lying down near the Stone,
With Endless Happiness,
To Never Again Be Alone.

Part II
As Days go On,
Two Stones Abreast,
No Mere Content,
But Pure Happiness.

Sun Rises with Adulation-Envy,
Her Moon Reconciles-Frenzy,
Two Stones oblivious with Love,
Ripples in the Pond Set by a Dove.

As the Pond Ebbs Endlessly,
As so the Love of the Two Stones,
Propitious Eternity,
Love they Share to others Unknown.


Relentless Pursuit of Freedom

Flower commence with sprout,
Elegant future with perfection,
Suppression bud,
Detest of internal subjection,

Omniscience of inward aspects,
The glorious sun of negligence,
Utilization with affluent prose
Absence of bright acceptance

The drought with contemptuous persecution,
The flower holds relentless concealment,
Without subsistence detected,
The flower of confinement,

Yielding yawning years,
Withering without recognition,
Sturdy separate stems,
Persevere hindsight of indiscretion,

Fain flourishing floret,
Lamented existence,
Martyr mourning misery,
Posy tenacious quintessence.

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